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Muslim American Center for Da’wah & Tabligh


Muslim American Center for Da’wah & Tabligh

Purpose and Objectives of the Muslim American Center for Da’wah and Tabligh

With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

The Muslim American Center for Da’wah and Tabligh hereafter referred to as (MACDT) is established With Allah’s Name. It is established in accordance with the sacred Laws of “al-Islaam.” And in accordance with the constitutional Laws of the United States of America and the sate in which it resides. It is established for the worship of the Creator of the Galactic Heavens and the Planet Earth (Allah/G-d). It is also established for the Propagation (Da’wah) and Teaching (Tabligh) of al-Islaam; the faith of Humanity.

The MACDT is a non governmental religious institution and is designed for the worship of the Creator. It is especially designed for the propagation and teaching of Islaam to Humanity at large. It will through the life giving teachings of al-Islaam, the perfect example of the last and universal Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (PBUH) and the Language/Commentary, logic and reasoning of Imam Warithuddin Mohammed (W. Deen Mohammed); defend the faithful, the oppressed and the suppressed were ever they may be.


The purpose of the MACDT is to establish Masaajid (Masjid Deen Al-Fitra, Masjid As-Sabiqun and Masjid Ansar Allah ) for the worship of Allah; a fully accredited Islamic School System (Muhammad Schools of America) for the teaching of Islam/Islaam, Arabic, Science, Math, etc. This Center will spearhead the building of Museums for our children; Homes for our Senior Citizens and Orphans. It will establish a Hospital and Clinic for our ill or sick. The Center will also encourage sound business and economic development among its members by establishing a Cooperative Buying Program.


The Objectives of the Center are to bring about through the propagation of al-Islaam a revival of the Human Spirit and Conscience. To bring about a renewed sense of Human and Moral excellence in the society. To bring about love, goodwill and human brotherhood through the belief in the oneness of G-d (Allah) as revealed in the Holy Qur’an (The Last Testament) to the Universal Prophet to Humanity; Muhammad ibn Abdullah born in Arabia in 570 AD. It is further exemplified in the sound direction of Imam Warithuddin Muhammad (W. Deen Mohammed) the Mujaddidun for the 15th century of al-Islaam.

The Center will always work to restore and preserve the respect for Human heritage, Rights, Equality, Dignity and Self Determination as echoed in both the Holy Qur’an and the Constitution of the U. S, of America.

The Muslim American Center for Da’wah and Tabligh (MACDT) as stated earlier is a non-profit organization, it is also non sectarian in nature:

“Now, dear Muslims, here is another problem for us. You know that there are different schools of thought and there are different sects. Shiah and different other sects, and each sect wants to enlarge their ranks. The Shiahs want more Shiahs, the Ahmahdayyas want more Ahmahdayyas — the Wahabiahs, I think they are satisfied now; they have gardens under which rivers flow — the wrong kind of rivers, though. We are in an advantageous position. Allah has favored us. We have come from nowhere and we’ve been put on the map of Al-Islam by the grace of God. Are we going to waste this by becoming Shiah or something else? No!” (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Atlanta GA, 10-13-1978)

All of the Imams (A’immah), especially the Council of Imams pledge with your life:

  1. That you will never become a sect within Al-Islam;
  2. That you will never follow a particular school in Al-Islam;
  3. That any Muslim, whether he comes from (name the different schools) Hambali, Shafii school, Maliki — whatever school he comes from, he will have a home and a welcome place wherever you are. And that’s whether he’s Shiah or something else, as long as he says, “La-illaha illallah. Muhammadan-Rasool-ullah,” and he believes in this Quran, that’s all to-it. The moment he says, “Walk with me down the Shiah road,” say, “Sorry, Brother, I have to go the straight road. The road walked by Prophet Muhammad without the Shiahism.” Yes! The moment he says “Oh, let’s take the Ahmadayyah road,” say, “Here is where we part.” Now I know some of you Imams, even before I came, were already believing in some sect. Don’t think I don’t know you. God has shown you up. I know some of you have your own sect that you follow. Accept God and Prophet Muhammad, you don’t need anyone else. Allah says if there is a matter, refer it to God and His apostle, and he said obey those who are in authority over you. He didn’t say refer it to God and His apostle and also to the priesthood of the Ulema or the priesthood hood of the Saviors of humanity. No! There’s no priesthood in Al-Islam. The Ulemas are not a priesthood.
  4. Let us pledge to keep a neutral position regarding sects and schools of thought.
  5. Let us also pledge to keep a neutral position regarding Arab nationalism. We don’t want to favor any Arab nation, not even Saudi Arabia. If there is a political conflict and the Saudi Arabians are against another Muslim body, we don’t take either side. We let the guidance of God decide who we should support morally. That’s the way we remain safe and we make progress.
  6. Even though this nation be a non-Muslim nation, we might even call it a Kafir nation. The only national flag you have is the flag of the United States. The only citizenship you should have in a political government, is the citizenship of the United States unless you have applied for one and got it elsewhere. This is the way to make progress and be successful. We have to be citizens of the United States of America and if there is an issue between the United States of America and even a Muslim country, we don’t rise up and say, “That’s a Muslim country, I’m on their side.” We rise up and say, “I’m an American citizen, and if America is wrong, I’m going to work within the government and within the civil laws and put pressure on my wrong government. But I’m not going to jump out of my government into some other government.” This is the way to make progress and be successful. (Imam Warithuddin Muhammad (Imam W. Deen Mohammed), 10-13-1978 Atlanta, GA)

“We want mosques or Masaajid to get permission from the neighborhoods first and then go down to city hall or wherever you must go and ask permission to have the Adhan, the Call to Prayer, sounded in the immediate area. It. should be heard one, two or three blocks. Let it go over the loudspeaker just as the church bells are allowed to ring in some Christian neighborhoods. We want to hear the Adhan sounding out.

I am talking about Muslims in the future of America. We want to work in all of our localities, not to build one Mosque; we want to build many Mosques, many Masaajid. You may say, “Oh, but we do not have but sixty people. Sixty people should be working to have sixty Mosques in their town (Sixty Masaajid in their town). If you get the Masaajid or the Mosque, Allah will bless the Masjid to have people come unto it.” (Imam W. Deen Mohammed on the building of Masaajid – February 18, 1989 address in Long Beach, California)

“Community is the focus for us, and what I see as the most important thing to start with in building a community is the establishment of a nucleus.  A Muslim community is established to accommodate the lives of people who believe and worship G’d (Allah).  Every community will have a house of worship (or many).”“Communities are built to accommodate the needs of the family.  The first need outside of the home is to have a school to educate our children.  Then the community wants to have a township, ordinances, rules and regulations.  After a while you will have many jobs and somebody regulating the town, which means government.  This is the traditional pattern.”   ( Imam W. Deen Mohammed, “Building the Community and Family”, December 5, 1997,  Muslim Journal newspaper)

M. A. C. D. T. (Muslim American Center for Da’wah and Tabligh)

The fourteen-point plan of action of the M. A. C. D. T. (Muslim American Center for Da’wah and Tabligh) will be implemented at each location where a branch of the movement is established, and it is as follows:

  • Establishing mosques (Masaajid) “as a place to worship Allah in congregation and as a center of spiritual and moral training.”
  • Establishing a full-time school (Educational) system: -1. Muhammad Schools (Madrasah) of America (MSA) – (a.) Sister Clara Mouhammad Pre and Elementary School, (b.) Honorable Elijah Muhammad Middle School and (c.) Imam Warithuddin Mohammed High School. “that raises children with a strong Islamic identity, so they can, as future Islamic leaders, effectively meet and deal with the challenges of growing up in the West.” 2. Muhammad ibn Abdullah University of Al-Islaam (MUI) – (a.) School of Mathematics, (b.) School of Natural Science, School of Computer Science, (d.) School of Engineering, (e.) School of Education, (f.) School of Language Culture and History. (g.) University Library, (h.) University Museum, (School of Social Sciences.
  • Establishing Political and Social Programs:- 1. C.R.U.C.I.A.L. (Coalition For The Reconstruction Of Unified Community Involvement And Leadership). We will educate the deprived of the people, we will organize the productive masses, and we will coordinate the efforts of existing leadership in a national program for the survival and restoration of human life in America. 2. A. A. M. A. N. (African American Men Against Narcotics). 3. M.A.P.A.C. (Muslim American Political Action Committee)
  • Establishing Da’wah programs: -1. Blight Arrest Pioneer Patrol – Channeling the sincere efforts of human service and physical support that the men of the Nation of Islam (FOI) were known for: (1) Combat physical; Social and Moral blight.
  • (2) Assist in the Social, needs of the outer community. (3) Add our good works to strengthen the good in the community. -2. New Earth Team – Imams (A’immah) and supporters go out into the outer community and invite the people to a better way of life (al-Islam). Brothers and Sisters pass out flyers, brochures, etc. Hold seminars on Human Development at YMCAs, churches, public schools, colleges, universities, drug abuse centers, radio programs and street corners. “Calling the general society” to embrace the life giving teachings of al-Islam.
  • Establishing businesses: Bakeries, dress shops, grocery stores, restaurants etc. to “make the movement financially stable and independent.”
  • Establishing Financial Institutions: Banks and Credit unions.
  • Establishing Collective Buying: M.A.C.P.C. (Muslim American Committee to Purchase Commodities)/CPC (Collective Purchasing Conference) or collective economics:
  • Establishing Farms to feed our community Halal and Tayyab foods.
  • Establishing “geographical integrity by encouraging Muslims of the community to live in close proximity” to the mosque (New Africa Residential Districts).
  • Establishing the New Africa community concept; (1) The building of townships; (2) Establishing New Africa business districts in already established cities or towns; (3) Establishing an independent school system (Muhammad Schools of America, the Muslim Teachers College and the Muhammad ibn Abdullah University of al-Islam).
  • Establishing of Shura Baynahum and political action committees i.e. MAPAC and the Coalition for Good Government; (6) The establishment of an independent press i.e. Muslim Journal and; (7) The establishment and the building of Masaajid (houses of worship). 
  • Establishing social welfare institutions to respond to the need for spiritual and material assistance within the community as well as the general society.”
  • Establishing “a free health clinic that will someday grow into a full-fledged hospital.” (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Memorial Hospital and the (M.A.M.A.) Muslim American Medical Association)
  • Establishing scout programs for young members of the community.
  • Establishing a Committee System: Steering Committee (Shurah) Consultation Board, Education, Sick and Elderly, Fund Raising, Youth, Business Development, Public Relations, Da’wah, CRAID (Committee to Remove all Images of the Divine), Radio Broadcast, Muslim Journal, Hospitality, Food Co-op, CERWIS (Committee to Enhance the Role of Women in Society),

In addition to daily classes, each mosque in the community will “also provides youth mentorship, marriage counseling, a prison outreach program, and employment assistance for ex-convicts.”

Planned Masaajid locations and names Inshallah (G-d willing):

Masjid Deen Al Fitra: Al Fitra is the natural order and Deen means religion or sentence as a means of judgment. The Revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was/is a continuation, confirmation, and clarification of ONE MESSAGE that the Divine sent to human beings since Father Adam.

The core of that Message is a reminder to man as how to realize the goal of her/his existence and how to approach life from a perspective that supports her/him achieve that goal. “Islam” as revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a rejuvenation of the Divine’s Call to humankind to “surrender” to the Law of creation in both its physical and metaphysical manifestations.

And because that Law is inherent in the primordial nature of man, Fitra, Islam is termed as the Primordial Religion: Deen Al Fitra, the Religion that all prophets carried, and that was revealed to (PBUH) as Al Deen Al Haneef: The Religion of Straightforwardness and Righteousness. As such “Islam” as revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized the One Origin of all revelations. Accordingly, “Islam” did/does not require from followers of other revelations to convert to its system of worship or legislation, nor did/does it ask Muslims to impose their system on others. “Islam” only guides ALL to come to “common terms”: “our God and your God is One; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam)”(HQ: 29: 46).

In the Quran Allah says that this religion is the religion of nature.  The religion of “Fitrah”.  Fitrah means “original nature”.  From the word verb root “Fatarah” which means to make something come in from nothing; bring something into existence from nothing.  Before that state there was no existence for it.  So that nature that was first established by God in creation. 

Allah says in the Quran the very pattern on which He created man, the pattern on which the universe itself is ordered.  Go back to that original nature, to that original pattern there are signs in the development and the growth of this universe pointing to a way of life that God has revealed to His Prophets.  That original, nature -when we go back to the original nature then we have the true religion

(Imam W. Deen Mohammed, “Truth that lights the world”)

Masjid As-Sabiqun: The inspiration for its name comes from the Holy Qur’an, 9:100:

“The vanguard (as-Sabiqun) of Islam – the first of those who forsook their homes, and of those who gave them aid, and also those who follow them in all good deeds – well-pleased is Allah with them, as are they with Him: For them hath He prepared Gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein forever: that is the supreme Felicity.”

Masjid Ansar Allah: The inspiration for its name comes from the Holy Qur’an 61:14:

“O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of God (Allah): “As said Jesus the son of Mary to the Disciples, “Who will be my helpers to (the work of) God?” Said the disciples, “We are God’s helpers!” then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion disbelieved: But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed.”

“Brothers and sisters, you are living in the time of the end of the old world and the making of the new world. You are welcome to come into the community of the New Jerusalem. (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, April 1975 speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

“But the spirit is the power and the spirit is the direction to take that flesh to its destination, the destination is going to be a new city a New Jerusalem a new community of man on this earth and there are people who envy us that we have come upon this road that we are on the journey.”(Imam W. Deen Mohammed, December 21, 1997)

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