Imam W. Deen Mohammed Speaks

-Notes on the Sealing of scripture-

1”When we speak to you about the death and the resurrection of religion, we are not only talking about the death of the religious spirit or the death of the appreciation for the value of religion in our society — but we are also talking about the death of religious knowledge. The death of religious knowledge also causes the death of the meaning of religion and the death of the knowledge of scriptural language. There are many verses in the Bible that tell us of the death of the religious language by “sealing the word/’ To seal means to close, to lock up, or to protect from others. (Imam W. D. Mohammed, October 31, 1975 Muhammad Speaks article entitled “The Seal Is Broken”)

2. “Are you reading the true hidden interpretation?  Tell me yes and I will tell you, – you are a liar! And I will prove it by your own Bible.  It says, “seal it”, even in Revelation it’s sealed, in Daniel it’s sealed, in Ezekiel it’s sealed, even in the last Book called Revelation, it’s sealed.  But a prophecy is made, say there is coming someone in the Last Day, who’s going to take up that little small book and he’s going to break the Seven Seals and when he began reading, a voice is going to come out finally and say “it’s done, it’s all over, ain’t no fooling the people no more, it’s done” (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Muhammad Speaks (Muslim Journal) newspaper article entitled “Truth that Lights the World”)

3. “It says, finally, in the New Testament, not in the Old Testament, the little lamb reached up and he took the Book and broke the seven seals. It was sealed but he broke the seven seals. They say that is Jesus Christ, he was the one who broke the seven seals. Maybe so. he might have broken the seven seals but not much came out except the moon. It took Mohammed (saw) who brought the world into the full light of day; and it is the same spirit that Allah (swt) blessed Mohammed (saw) with that has come to the son of Elijah Muhammed by way of His word in the Qur’an and by His communication that He has in everything that He made. He has fed my soul from everything that He made. And the son of the Honorable Elijah Muhammed has broken the seals.” All Praises are due to Allah (SWT). (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Muhammad Speaks (Muslim Journal) newspaper article entitled “Truth that Lights the World”)

4. “Seal means locked up. You can’t get out of the lock up, unless the authority who has the key comes and opens up the gate to let you out. Seal means it is locked up, by the way the language is composed, by the way the knowledge and its meanings and expressions are composed. It is locked up against all but those who have the key for unlocking the knowledge. There is one who can unlock the literary piece to bring out the knowledge.” (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Oct. 2, 2005, First Sunday Public Address)

“The Nation of Islam[1] is proclaiming in a loud voice today that we are the Savior for the world. We are the ones to solve the very serious problems that have spread through all the world’s societies. There is no supernatural Christ to ever come out of the physical clouds in the sky.

The clouds that the Christ is coming down from are the clouds of mental, moral, and intellectual confusion and darkness. The Nation of Islam is that Body – Christ that the world has been looking for, for almost 2,000 years.

(Imam W. Deen Mohammed, “Religion is Alive.” 1975)

-Notes on Angels-

1. My Dear Brothers and Sisters, the Holy Qur’an says that “We” created the Jinn. God uses the term “We” meaning that He is at the source or the origin of that creation. He first had to produce some material for other things to use. After these materials had been produced, the angels (forces of nature) came into play. It is the forces of nature in the physical body that manifest urges or desires. If your mind cannot handle these urges, the urges grow in power to overcome you. (“Crown of Creation” June 20, 1975 Muhammad Speaks)

2. God told the angels to prostrate (submit) themselves to Adam (the mind, the heart, the nature and the spirit that He wanted to rule the earth), and they all bowed down, saying to God that they had no knowledge except that that He had given them. (“The Fire of Truth” December 17, 1976 Bilalian News)

3. The angels are things that we conceive as having no physical forms (invisible entities).(“The Fire of Truth” December 17, 1976 Bilalian News)

4. The chief of the angels is the mind of man who has come into power because of the forces of gravity, the force of heat, the force of lighting, and the force of sound. The leader of the angels has learned how to use these things to put himself into a high position of authority, ride on a big horse and command the others as his servants and his slaves. (“The Fire of Truth” December 17, 1976 Bilalian News)

-Notes on al-Islam, Freedom and America-  

  1. It is true that America is beautiful and America is great, but America is also greatly confused. We want to clear up the confusion so that we all can live peacefully in America. It is all right to have a great America, but a great America does not mean very much if we cannot live in it. Everyday America is dying morally, mentally, and spiritually. A terrible problem with American people is that they like to close their eyes to things, especially when keeping their eyes open requires a little strength. (“The Birth of the American spirit” Lectures of Emam (Imam) Muhammad, 1978, page 74)
  2. America has considered itself to be the nation without spot or blemish. Although as individuals, Americans will admit that they are wrong at times, there seems to be an invisible law more powerful than human life itself telling us not to openly criticize America. Americans have been raised as children to think that their parents, as a nation, are the only good parents on the face of the earth and that all other nations are bad parents. (“The Birth of the American spirit” Lectures of Emam (Imam) Muhammad, 1978, page 76)
  3. The only divine destiny America has fulfilled has been her material victory. America has been like a child that suddenly came into great riches. If the child has the freedom to use the riches as he sees fit to use them, he will mess up the world. Because he has the mentality of a child, he will buy too much of the wrong things, he will spend too much money in the wrong place, and he will turn the whole world into a playpen…”. (“The Birth of the American spirit” Lectures of Emam (Imam) Muhammad, 1978)
  4. Our patriotism is not what some people think it is. Our patriotism is an acceptance of what supports human excellence. We see in the U.S. constitution something that is compati­ble with our religion and with the concept of man in our Holy Book. So we identify with the human spirit in the constitution. We cherish it. We think that beautiful concept is responsible for the longevity of the United States and its democracy. These United States have endured, while many Govern­ments and political concepts have fallen and gone. Governments come in and go out with the seasons.  (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, 03/17/1982, Compton Community College, “The Path to Human Freedom and Dignity”)
  5. America stands out among the nations in the most peculiar character of all the nations. As I see it, it is the safest and is also the most dangerous land. (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, 3-19-1989, Dallas, Texas)
  6. Islam came to promote freedom of religion. And Freedom of Religion is the first of our freedoms. This is true for the United States government’s political ideas. When you study it, you will find in the history of our political ideas for democracy that it begins with the Freedom of Religion. (“Justice in Islam: How Close are we Muslims to Western Democracy?” Imam W. Deen Mohammed, June 16, 2001, Detroit, Mich.)

Notes on Jesus (PBUH)-

1. “In Jesus, called “the Christ” or “Jesus Christ,” we have a sign of many things. One of the signs of Jesus Christ is a sign that became a reality in the life of Muhammad. That sign is, according to the words of the New Testament, “Lift me up and all men will be drawn up unto me.” In Prophet Muhammad that sign is fulfilled. It is not that Muhammad had to be lifted up. The translation is not as correct as it could be. It should be, “Support me, join me, follow me, and men will be lifted up.” (June 17, 1977 article taken from the Bilalian News ‘Muslim Journal’)

2. “Jesus the Christ (PBUH) and the Christian society are signs of what would come later in Prophet Muhammad and the Ummah of Al-Islam.” (Houston, Texas, Sept. 3, 1979.)

3. “Jesus is to be seen as a spiritual knowledge body.” (Ramadhan Session 2001)

4. “Jesus was a plural body, not an individual.” (Ramadhan Session 2003)

5. “Jesus was just a sign pointing to Prophet Mohammed.” (Masjid Malcolm Shabazz in 2005)

6. “Jesus showed himself as a transfiguration of light.” (Ramadhan Session 2007)

-Notes on Prophet Muhammad-

  1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only man that is in history, not just in the history of his people but in the history of the world with his life, with his birth and with his works he came into the history of the world, not just in the history of Arabia. Whereas the other Prophets they are found only in history of the people who claim those Prophets.  And they came into the history of the world from their history. (2007 Ramadan Session)
  2. Prophet Muhammad comes in the progression of the revelation. He comes in the sequence of prophets who came one after another, succeeding each other; who came one after another and the Qur’an is a Book that is composed of Books that came before.  (10-7-2007 Ramadan Sunday Session, Homewood, Ill.)
  3. Muhammad existed in scripture before he was ever existing as a physical person on earth; so did Jesus Christ; so did all the major Prophets or servants of G-d. Allah says he is the one mentioned in the Torah and in the Gospel; and then gives words describing him. And I found the very words that are referred to in the Bible. I told you I studied the Bible. I read it once from Genesis to Revelation without studying it; and then I read it the second time and carried out really what I wanted to do the first time. The language gives us the picture of a liberator coming to take the bonds of burden and yoke of slavery off of the people. This is in the Qur’an and the same language is in the Bible. So that clearly supports what I am saying, that Muhammad, the Prophet, was in the Bible, in scripture that came before G-d materialized him on the planet earth. And by materializing, I mean gave him rebirth, enlightened him and raised his stature high in the heavens. (10-7-2007 Ramadan Sunday Session, Homewood, Ill.)
  4. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was promised in the Torah of the Jews, and in the Gospel of the Christians. Allah tells us in the Quran that he is the Prophet mentioned in the Torah and in the Gospel. God has given us Prophet Muhammad as a liberator for all the oppressed people. Prophet Muhammad leads us out of slavery. He leads us to social justice — he is a liberator. (3-13-1979 Bilalian News)
  5. The Ascension or Night Travel of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) went from Adam to John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. And it went to Yusuf or Joseph to Ezekiel; we call him Idris. It went up from that level; it was the human life developing, going up into its full picture and scheme and plan for its life that G-d created it for. (“Promoting Excellence in The Best Traditions of African American People…, Keeping The Promise” October 15th to December 3rd, 2004 Muslim Journal)

[1] Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

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