“We’re going to be responsible for the business life in our own neighborhood. We have a limited liability company that enables us to form a company and have shares, $2,000 shares and design a method, a plan for bringing the poorest brother who’s industrious, who had the character of what I called our group, The Striving Industrious Poor. I love to refer to us as the Striving Industrious Poor. That is to say, if you’re lazy, you’re in the wrong company. The Striving Industrious Poor. We’re the striving Industrious poor. We want to be responsible for the business rise in our neighborhood. This CPC effort, enabling us to– If you don’t have $2,000 for one share, we have a plan, if you trust each other to have eight of you contribute $250, eight. I believe 8 times 250 is 2000, isn’t it? I believe it is. I don’t have the figures before me, but I think that’s the fi—Okay. I was pretty good in math, I couldn’t read that well, but they told me when I sat the GED test, that I was pretty good in math, I scored in the upper percentile for the whole United States. Yes, I’ve got the proof at home. We’re fixing it so eight, poor brothers can get together and all you had to come up with is $250 and trust one of you, sisters, brothers, mixed, we don’t care, there’s no sex problem here, do it like you want, come on together with the $2,000 for the one share and have someone represent you. One person must represent you, that’s all. You had to trust one person to represent you. They will put the money into the investment in their name and you will have the benefit together. Eight persons will share the benefit of whatever that one share brings whenever we buy a product and sell a product and realize a profit. We’re working hard to make sure we always realize a profit and I believe G-d has helped us to come up with this concept. G-d has helped us to come up with this concept, this answer for our poverty and our absence of business sense. This program is also going to be a program to better educate us so that we’ll have a better business sense. Some things that I don’t like to say because there are certain people among us, – but I have to say this, you know what makes the rich, rich? The market. You know what this is right here? This is a market. Look at the numbers behind you. Turn around, look, look back. That’s a market, all of you have needs, all of you are buying things, you have to. If we decide that we’re going to try to supply our market with as much as we possibly can, and we agree that we’re going to buy supplies from our supplier, CPC and others, there are other efforts too, we’re not going to– we welcome competition. If somebody want to start another effort, and call it something else, that’s okay, that’s good with me, where we have CPC effort. If you will discipline your own self and say, “Well, why should I buy this gasoline when CPC is selling the same thing? It’s competitive, it doesn’t cost any more, it’s just as good, et cetera, so why shouldn’t you get it from them?” You should want to see your community become your supplier. If that happens, your community will become the rich man. Yes. Your community will become the rich man or the rich woman. I think it sounds better if I say your community will become the rich woman. I like that a little better. Yes, your community will become the rich woman, so trust me and I’m not Eddie Murphy. Trust me. In order to have G-d love us and help us have the circumstances we want for our good life; we are going to have to open up our hearts. What does G-d say to Muhammad? (Imam W. Deen Mohammed, “State of the Muslim Address” delivered at the Ninth Annual National Convention, Secaucus, New Jersey, 08/30/1997)

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