Imam W. Deen Mohammed -Notes on Tolerance-

-Notes on Tolerance- 1.   If God tells the Muslim that our contention, our protest, our campaign is not aimed at anyone but the oppressors and the unjust, then I have to accept that. I cannot say that Muslims are put on this earth to have some kind of Holy War with Christians or Jews. That isContinue reading “Imam W. Deen Mohammed -Notes on Tolerance-“

Imam W. D. Mohammed -Notes on Community-

-Notes on Community- Let us build schools, cultural museums and cultural theaters. (“Afro American Genesis;” Page 68) Let us infuse the Islamic (Islaamic) spirit into the African American for music, for dance, for arts and for culture. (“Afro American Genesis;” Page 68) Let us infuse into them the Islamic (Islaamic) potency, the Islamic (Islaamic) spiritual value,Continue reading “Imam W. D. Mohammed -Notes on Community-“

Heroes of Al Islaam (Islam) in America Book 3: Understanding the Works and Mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Abdul Karim Ilyas Muhammad) – Chapter one

“Tawheed (Tauheed)” by Imam W. Deen Mohammed

“Tawheed is an (Arabic) word which comes from the (Arabic) word “Waheed”, which means one. Waheed is the 66th attribute of Allah. Tawheed is the condition of oneness, unity. The best reflection or expression of Tawheed is reflected in the (112th) Sura (Chapter) of the Holy Qur’an called “Ikhlas”, which expresses the oneness of Allah.Continue reading ““Tawheed (Tauheed)” by Imam W. Deen Mohammed”