1/21/2022_Salat’ul Jumuah_ “The Community Dynamic” – Khatib: Imam Hassan A. Shabazz

1/21/2022_Salat’ul Jumuah_ Khatib: Imam Hassan A. Shabazz

12/17/2021 Salat’ul Jumuah, Al Qubaa Islamic Center, The Four (4) Birds: “Government,” Khatib: Imam Hassan Shabazz

12/17/2021 Salat’ul Jumuah, Al Qubaa Islamic Center, Khatib: Imam Hassan Shabazz

“The Idea of Freedom in Al-Islam”

“Freedom should be “freedom of the dome.” This is the “free dome” on top of the house, on top of the temple. The President sits in the Oval Room, a big dome. Churches and Mosques like to have in their design’s big domes. It all started with the head, the brain. An open area isContinue reading ““The Idea of Freedom in Al-Islam””

Imam W. D. Mohammed -Notes on Community-

-Notes on Community- Let us build schools, cultural museums and cultural theaters. (“Afro American Genesis;” Page 68) Let us infuse the Islamic (Islaamic) spirit into the African American for music, for dance, for arts and for culture. (“Afro American Genesis;” Page 68) Let us infuse into them the Islamic (Islaamic) potency, the Islamic (Islaamic) spiritual value,Continue reading “Imam W. D. Mohammed -Notes on Community-“

Heroes of Al Islaam (Islam) in America Book 3: Understanding the Works and Mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Abdul Karim Ilyas Muhammad) – Chapter one