Most of the Islamic world do not know Prophet Muhammad

Comments by: Imam W Deen Mohammed

Muhammad the Prophet (pbuh) he is our leader but most of us do not know him, most of the Islamic world do not know Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they just know a name and they know that he is a Prophet that is all. They know very little about him as a person, they don’t even study the Quran to know him; they just take for granted they know him, he’s the Prophet, he is the Messenger of G-d, he’s our Prophet (pbuh) and they think that is enough. Maybe that is enough for a person who just wants to live like a cow, a rabbit or a bird who comes in the world, survives as long as it can hunt food, have sex, play and die, if that is all they want then their knowledge of Muhammad (pbuh) is enough. But the Hon. Elijah Muhammad made us aware of concerns outside of our own selves, outside of our own homes, outside of our own he told us to take in the concerns of our people’s sufferings and to work for the betterment of our people. To work to bring our people back to G-d in fact more importantly because many of them were already believing in G-d, more importantly to bring us back to be responsible for our own life and future on this planet earth.

Holy Qur’an: 33-6; Family has rights over the believersThe Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves and his wives are their mothers. Blood-relations among each other have closer personal ties in the Decree of Allah than (the Brotherhood of) Believers and Muhajirs: nevertheless do ye what is just to your closest friends: such is the writing in the Decree (of Allah).” Do you think Al-Islam is not that? Al-Islam wants us to be responsible for our lives beginning with our family G-d says, “Close relatives, family has priority in the Book of G-d,” that is what Allah (swt) says in the Quran, the Family has first priority in the Book of G-d And what does G-d say in the Bible say? Charity starts at home and spreads abroad, home is first. When Allah swt revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad pbuh he was not called to come from some interest that he had to G-d’s way or to G-d’s path he was already seeking G-d. He was seeking help from a bigger power than himself, he did not even know G-d by name, he was not from such people like Christians and Jews. He was not from a religious group in the proper sense of the word, he was from people who worshiped many idols that represented creatures and forces of nature, the natural world. And he was carrying on his heart the burden, the condition of the world at that time beginning with his own people.   He was carrying the burden of the Arabs in his heart he did not feel that he could go on the way he was living being above their debased nature, their subhuman standards and carrying the burden on his heart thinking, “How can my own people be changed, how can the Arabs be changed from worshiping these idol and living like a community of subhuman creatures,” that was a burden on his heart. He went away from his own society, away from the people up into a mountain now called Jabl An Nur the mountain of the light or the mountain of enlightenment because it was upon that mountain that he received an answer, a response from G-d. He was pleading, crying out to the vast, unlimited space for help from whatever could help him that was superior to the existence that he understood. And he received a response and I won’t go over the details of that because that is not the point. My point is that he was not called from something that he was doing that occupied his time and his interest, he was looking for G-d to help him with the burden of the world but at that time he was just seeing the burden of his countrymen, the burden of the Arab world on that peninsula called Saudi Arabia now.

HQ: 62.2 Muhammed the unlettered means uneducated in scripture An unlettered Prophet “It is He Who has sent amongst the Unlettered an apostle from among themselves to rehearse to them His Signs to sanctify them and to instruct them in Scripture and Wisdom although they had been before in manifest error.” He had some acquaintance with some other states, as a business man he had gone to Syria serving his wife’s business Lady Khadija may G-d be pleased with her and he was aware of neighboring or bordering countries and I’m sure he had some knowledge of the world at that time because when a man engages in trade and travels out of his country to another country like Syria I’m sure he had the opportunity to speak with men who had traveled from other parts of the world too. So I don’t think he was ignorant as they say, “Muhammad was unlettered, he could not write,” that is not quite true. He was uneducated in scripture, he wasn’t familiar with that, he wasn’t taught, and he wasn’t from a society that believed in revealed scripture or practiced religion of that kind. He was unlettered, uneducated there, but any man who could go to Syria doing business successfully for his wife, he couldn’t have been that ignorant that he didn’t even know neighboring states or neighboring countries or had no idea of the existing world of his day, I’m sure he did. And I’m sure he could write his name and more than his name, he could write a business contract as a business man, but he could not read and write scripture or make subjects or commentary on scripture, he had no knowledge of that at all.  

HQ: 98.3; The Quran uprights previous books “Wherein are laws (or decrees) right and straight.” His inability to read is just like the Quran itself it is not a Book that comes from nowhere or comes speaking to nothing that existed before, Allah (swt) the G-d Who revealed it says it is a Book correcting previous Books that were revealed to the people. So actually what we have as the Quran is what was revealed to Moses and even before Moses, what was revealed to Abraham and what was revealed to Jesus Christ who came after them peace be upon all the Prophets, the servants of G-d. This is nothing but plain language, truth from the Quran and if we don’t perceive it this way you cannot really progress in Al-Islam you can only follow like birds, rabbits, donkeys, horses, cows, you can never be a man or a woman in this religion if that is all the understanding you have. Allah (swt) responded to Muhammad pbuh, He responded to this man who carried the burden of the suffering world on his heart and G-d gave him guidance and he began preaching. The Arabs biggest problem was shirk Did he say, “Well let me leave Saudi Arabia and let me go to Syria where I was doing business and trade and let me begin my mission there?” He began his mission where he lived, he began his mission in his own home town like others who were awakened for the job before him, and I’m speaking of Prophets and Messengers of G-d. He began right in his home town in the city he was born in sacred Mecca, though he was rejected by his own people he began there. He began to address the most serious problems of his people, what was their most serious problem according to the guidance of G-d to him? Their most serious problem was their perception of reality, how they saw the real world. How they looked at it and how they related to it. They related to it as servants of the material world worshiping facets of the material world, little images that they called their gods. So the first thing he addressed was their most serious need and their most serious problem was their incorrect view and perception of the external world including themselves in it because man is nothing but another part of the material world, we are a part of this material world, all of us. The Prophet was chosen to be the medium to receive Quran He addressed their most serious problem which was the worship of things that were not G-d. And in the Quran Allah (swt) revealed to him and to us because everything revealed to him was for all mankind. You have to have a medium, you have to have an instrument to serve others, he was chosen to be that medium to bring it to us and he was chosen to be the instrument to work for us.  

HQ: 31.13; Shirk is the worst form of oppression Behold Luqman said to his son by way of instruction: “O my son! Join not in worship (others) with Allah: for false worship is indeed the highest wrong-doing.” G-d said, “Surely false worship of idols and other things other than G-d is the worse form of oppression.” We could change the language a little bit, paraphrase or change it a little bit and it will still say the same thing, “False worship is the worst form of slavery,” where your human soul, your human nature, your human spirit is all coming under a false thing that you believe to be the highest thing in power, it is the worst form of oppression. Muhammad the Prophet pbuh was sent first to be a liberator and G-d says when they saw him, that is the leaders who were assuming the positions of authority and power in the life of the people, when they saw Muhammad the Prophet pbuh and understood where he was coming from they were terribly alarmed. They said. “This man wants to change our way of life, he wants to change the way we live. He wants to change our gods, he wants to take us from the way of our fore-fathers.” That is what they charged him with. They situated and positioned themselves to defeat him, to make sure he would not succeed, he would not progress or be successful and you know they put a lot of misery in his life and in the life of those who were with him as friends, companions, relatives, his wife and supporters. His wife died in that trying time that was so hurtful in their life on them, she couldn’t bear it through the winter, she died lady Khadijah may G-d give her paradise and may G-d be pleased with her Ameen.

HQ: 21.30; All life is from water “Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of Creation) before We clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” Water, the Quran speaks about it saying “And G-d began every living thing from water.”  Muhammad the Prophet pbuh began his work in Mecca the city that he was born in and his own people rejected and mistreated him, they tried to kill his work before it got started, but did he give up on his own people? No, he didn’t say “Let me go to another country, let me go to Syria and see how it works in Syria.” Charity starts at home and spreads abroad, the near relatives have first rights in the Book of G-d, he stayed right there and sacrificed, took abuse to do his work. It was his own society’s miseries, ignorance and subhuman life that drove him up in the mountain to call to the skies for help.

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