Imam W. Deen Mohammed on the building of (Mosques) Masaajid!

“We want mosques or Masaajid to get permission from the neighborhoods first and then go down to city hall or wherever you must go and ask permission to have the Adhan, the Call to Prayer, sounded in the immediate area. It. should be heard one, two or three blocks. Let it go over the loudspeaker just as the church bells are allowed to ring in some Christian neighborhoods. We want to hear the Adhan sounding out.

I am talking about Muslims in the future of America. We want to work in all of our localities, not to build one Mosque; we want to build many Mosques, many Masaajid. You may say, “Oh, but we do not have but sixty people. Sixty people should be working to have sixty Mosques in their town (Sixty Masaajid in their town). If you get the Masaajid or the Mosque, Allah will bless the Masjid to have people come unto it.”

(February 18, 1989 address in Long Beach, California)

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