Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks on Cain and Abel!

Adam, if you look in the Bible in Genesis and start with Adam’s existence -that is the beginning of Genesis, of human life. Look at Adam’s generations. They are called Adam, too. “He named them Adam in the day that He created them.” That is the same Genesis that speaks to one Adam speaks to his generations also. After Adam’s generation, he has descendants. There is Abel who becomes the agriculturalist and he has Cain who becomes the industrialist. Although the way it is given, it looks like Abel becomes the shepherd where he raises animals and Cain becomes the land developer. But the first stage for the land developer in the history of human progress and community life is farming. So, they are separated like that. From farming and sheep herding, he has children from those, and they become iron workers, making musical instruments. All of this is in the Bible, and I am giving it to you straight from the Bible. When I am talking, I am speaking from Scripture. Don’t think I am giving you my words. I don’t give you my words; I don’t have any words. All of my words come from Scripture or from somewhere else. That is the way we all should be.

Now getting back to how industry evolved. It started with the farmer and the shepherd, those who produced animals and those who produced grain or food from the earth. It went from that to ironworkers and those who make instruments for pleasure. It comes up to today. Cain lives today. Who is Cain, today? Cain is the industrialist. Who is Abel, today? Abel is the socialist. See how they live? They haven’t gone anywhere. But the work has evolved and progressed. It is no more simplified. It is industry, science and technology now. Cain was guilty of killing his brother – he killed him while they were at work and spilled his brother’s blood on the surface of the earth. That means that he didn’t kill a human being outright. That means the materialist socialized the socialist. Instead of the socialist remaining in his own social life and science, the materialist became so big that he overcame that movement and brought that movement under material production and under materialism. That is the killing of the shepherd and the killing of his brother. But in the Qur’an, Allah says He was feeling compassion on him because he was feeling sorry about what he had done. And Allah caused a little bird to come where the blood had been spilled on the ground, and the little bird scratched the ground to cover the blood with earth. The brother who was guilty asked, “Why didn’t I have the decency to at least cover my brother’s blood? That was the beginning of his repenting. It is a very beautiful story.

(Imam W. Deen Mohammed the Muslim Journal 4-18-08 to 5-9-08 “Life: The Final Battlefield – Part 2”)

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