Imam Warithuddin (W. Deen) Mohammed speaks on Community Development!

Imaam Warithuddin (W. Deen) Mohammed in his keynote address at the 2001 annual Mosque Cares labor day weekend convention reiterated his vision of New Africa/New Jerusalem: “We want to see New Africa, we want to see New Africa Islamic theaters, we want to see syscrapers go up and we build them, we want to see shipping lines, and trucking lines and transportation lines all over in our neighborhood.

We want to walk outside our house and we want to look at the products and the construction and the industry of our own people, Muslim African americans in New Africa, in New Africa on these shores, on these shores, that’s our rightful inheritance as the creation of G’d. G’d has created us for this, this is our natural inheritance and we will except nothing less, nothing less, they have spanish town, they have china town, dammit get ready for African American town, Muslim New Africa, and I want say it, you’ve been waiting for me to say it, we can not be stopped now!”

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I'm a Army veteran with over 30 year of study in Nutrition and fitness. I'm a Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer.

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