“Human Rights: An Islamic Perspective” by Dr. Munir El Khassem

(1) The Right of Life> Allah decrees severe punishment for those who take away the lives of others without justification;

(2) The Right of Freedom> Al Islam systematically, eliminates most of the sources and means of enslavement. Arbitrary imprisonment is forbidden in Al Islam. In al-Islaam no one is to be taken by suspicion or false accusation, nor is it allowed to imprison people for investigation sake;

(3) The Right of Equality> No one is above the law, not even the Khalifa;

(4) The Right of Justice> Islamic Justice draws its credibility from Allah;

(5) The Right of Education>The Qur’an and Hadith abound with instructions to seek knowledge;

(6) The Right to Protest> No ruler is above the law. Individual power and authority are a trust from Allah;

(7) The Right of Privacy> Al Islam sanctifies privacy and guarantees the security of private life;

(8) The Right of Free Thought and Expression> Freedom to think and express ones opinion are tantamount in Al Islam;

(9) The Right of Religious Conviction> Religious sentiments are given due respect in Al Islam;

(10) The Right of Possessions> Al Islam offers protection for private property for men and women;

(11) The Right to Participate in the Affairs of the State> Shura or consultation is the guiding principle of an Islamic State;

(12) The Right to Acquire the Basic Necessities of Life;

(13) The Right of Free Travel and Migration.

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