Imam W. Deen Mohammed in a lecture at the 2003 Muslim American Ramadhan session made the following comments on the Holy Qur’an and its importance to the Muslim man and (woman):

“You brothers should work hard to increase your faith. Stay with the Qur’an. Read the Qur’an and don’t read it as a duty only. Read it as your love. Some might say, “What are you talking about, brother?” Say, “I’m going to read the Qur’an that is my love.  I fell in love with it a long time ago.” And Allah (SWT) will strengthen us and establish us. Allah (SWT) promises us beautiful and excellent establishments.  He doesn’t want us to live in a ghetto, some place in a neighborhood with no life, no decent structures for serving human needs in the neighborhood.  Allah (SWT) doesn’t want us to live like that.  And it is even worst when others have to come in and provide those things for us.  So, let us not forget that those things that we think of perhaps only in abstract are very necessary as energizers, as germs of life, to manifest material interest.”

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