“Tawheed (Tauheed)” by Imam W. Deen Mohammed

“Tawheed is an (Arabic) word which comes from the (Arabic) word “Waheed”, which means one. Waheed is the 66th attribute of Allah. Tawheed is the condition of oneness, unity. The best reflection or expression of Tawheed is reflected in the (112th) Sura (Chapter) of the Holy Qur’an called “Ikhlas”, which expresses the oneness of Allah. This Sura has been called the unity by some and the purity by others. The word TAWHEED is very rich in meaning and it is a unity and purity. That unity has purity. We believe that a unity that violates its purity is an impure unity and though many people claim to believe in one G-d or Creator, their concept of the Creator amounts to an impure unity. Ours is the best as a concept of oneness. That is the Muslim or Islamic View.”“Tauheed does mean unity, but it really means a little more than unity. There are other common words for unity. This is a particular word in Revelation for unity. It is close to monotheism, the idea of One G-d ruling in the human life and over everything that exists. We are indebted to the Creator of everything, including mankind, for whatever we have of good use in our own lives and in His Creation. We are indebted to Him, and that should be our most important view of man’s relation to his G-d.Man is created to be conscious and for his consciousness to reach to the far regions of the heavens and the earth and behold the unity for the logic supporting matter, keeping matter’s existence and preserving its nature or performance as G-d created it. It is a consistent logic that is true for one side of the earth and true on the other side of the earth. It is true in my town and in your town across the waters. It is true everywhere. That truth stands up anywhere and everywhere. Tauheed is a logic that influences all of life, all matter, human life more than anything else, because it is free with the freedom of consciousness.” (Imam W. D. Mohammed Excerpted from: Muslim Journal March 23, 2007)

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