Imam W. Deen Mohammed -Notes on Tolerance-

-Notes on Tolerance-

1.   If God tells the Muslim that our contention, our protest, our campaign is not aimed at anyone but the oppressors and the unjust, then I have to accept that. I cannot say that Muslims are put on this earth to have some kind of Holy War with Christians or Jews. That is not our purpose. We are not here to fight Christianity until there is no more Christianity, and we certainly are not here to fight Judaism until it is driven off of the earth. (African American Genesis)

2.   Religious tolerance is what Al Islam promotes. It was not the Muslims trying to get rid of the church, trying to destroy churches; it was a fanatical Christians trying to destroy Mosques. I am talking about the time of the crusades. So Al Islam is a religion of tolerance, not only religious tolerance, but tolerance in general. (IWDM 3-1-2003)

3.   Our enemy is not the free world or the Communist world, nor Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. Our enemy is ignorance, racism, oppression, greed, and corruption. To eliminate these enemies, we must establish truth, justice, opportunity and compassion for all people. (Focus on Al Islam)

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