Human Rights in Al-Islaam (Islam)

The Governments of the World must ensure the Human Rights of all its citizens’ whether they are Muslim are not. All citizens will be treated fairly. In Al Islaam Human Rights have been granted by Allah, not by a king or a legislative assembly. Every true Muslim, whether a leader or a follower, must accept, recognize and enforce Human Rights.

In an article entitled “Human Rights: An Islamic Perspective” by Dr. Munir El Khassem he states the (13) basic Human Rights guaranteed by Al Islaam:

(1) The Right of Life> Allah decrees severe punishment for those who take away the lives of others without justification;

(2) The Right of Freedom> Al Islam systematically, eliminates most of the sources and means of enslavement. Arbitrary imprisonment is forbidden in Al Islam. In al-Islaam no one is to be taken by suspicion or false accusation, nor is it allowed to imprison people for investigation sake;

(3) The Right of Equality> No one is above the law, not even the Khalifa;

(4) The Right of Justice> Islamic Justice draws its credibility from Allah;

(5) The Right of Education>The Qur’an and Hadith abound with instructions to seek knowledge;

(6) The Right to Protest> No ruler is above the law. Individual power and authority are a trust from Allah;

(7) The Right of Privacy> Al Islam sanctifies privacy and guarantees the security of private life;

(8) The Right of Free Thought and Expression> Freedom to think and express ones opinion are tantamount in Al Islam;

(9) The Right of Religious Conviction> Religious sentiments are given due respect in Al Islam;

(10) The Right of Possessions> Al Islam offers protection for private property for men and women;

(11) The Right to Participate in the Affairs of the State> Shura or consultation is the guiding principle of an Islamic State;

(12) The Right to Acquire the Basic Necessities of Life; (13) The Right of Free Travel and Migration.

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