Muslim American Center for Da’wah and Tabligh

Imam W. Deen Mohammed has outlined a nucleus for building communities.  This nucleus or pattern was given to us in an article entitled “Building the Community and Family”.  The article was first printed in the December 5, 1997 edition of the Muslim Journal newspaper

In the above mentioned article Imaam Mohammed states “Community is the focus for us, and what I see as the most important thing to start with in building a community is the establishment of a nucleus.  A Muslim community is established to accommodate the lives of people who believe and worship G’d (Allah).  Every community will have a house of worship (or many).”

“Communities are built to accommodate the needs of the family.  The first need outside of the home is to have a school to educate our children.  Then the community wants to have a township, ordinances, rules and regulations.  After a while you will have many jobs and somebody regulating the town, which means government.  This is the traditional pattern.”   Imam Mohammed’s nucleus can be summarized in three areas; (1) Worship, (2) Education, and (3) economic achievement.  Once these priorities are met, we are obligated to establish government.

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