Invisible White Divinity by Visible Whitened God

“Something that is invisible cannot be seen with the eyes in your anatomy. Your anatomy is the structure of your physical flesh body. We call the eyes that are part of the anatomy our physical eyes.

Your thoughts about an invisible thing bring many ideas and pictures to your mind. When these ideas and pictures begin to take shape or form in your mind, you arrive at a concept. A concept of a thing is how you see that thing in your mind.

Many Bilalians (black Americans) have been given the wrong ideas about God and religion. This is because they have been made to look for the God that they can see with their physical eyes.

The Christian Church taught Bilalians that God, the Creator of the universe, is a three-in-one-god. Bilalians were told that there was god the father, god the son, and god the Holy Ghost.

The people who taught Bilalians to believe in these three persons in one concept of the

Creator used a picture of a white man on a cross. Bilalians believed that the white image that they saw on the cross was Jesus the son. So the divinity or the god that they worshipped was in physical white flesh.

Since the image of a white man was put on the cross as Jesus, Bilalians identified white physical flesh with God. This made them accept and love white and reject and hate black.

The tricky plan of white divinity made Bilalians worship a visible, whitened god. When something is visible, you can see it with your physical eyes, and Jesus on the cross is the visible god of the flesh conscious Christian Church.”

(Imam W. D. Muhammad, Invisible White Divinity by Visible Whitened God, April 4, 1975

Muhammad Speaks)

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