The Problem of color in the people!

Imam W. Deen Mohammed in his book “As The Light Shineth From The East” states: “The Holy Qur’an says that in the top of the mountain there is black and white, and every color running in the stones, running in the top of the mountains. So beautifully put, so profound, and yet so clear. What does mountain represent? A nation, a great nation, a government. In the top of it. What does the top represent? The leadership. The Holy Qur’an is telling us with quite symbols that in the top of mountains, God has let black, and white and red run together. Why is it that in the top of your government you don’t have black and white and red running together?  This is beautiful doctrine. The Holy Qur’an doesn’t leave us thinking that this symbolic teaching is far from the subject of society. The Holy Qur’an says you will find that these colors are in the plants. It says, and similarly, and likewise, in yourselves. That’s the Holy Qur’an. God is speaking to the problem of color in the people.”

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I'm a Army veteran with over 30 year of study in Nutrition and fitness. I'm a Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer.

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