“The Qur’an, The Final Frontier”

The Qur’an is not to be kept by any priestly order or by any clergy. The Holy Qur’an’s language will never become a dead language. It is not given to us as Arabic to practice in some kind of religious circle or order and to have another language for our secular world or for the public. No. It is the language for the common man.

No matter how much you are deprived of a formal education, if you say you have become a Muslim, you were converted, or if you were born a Muslim, you are obligated to study the Qur’an. You are obligated to learn to read, if you don’t know how to read, so that you can read the Book that G-d gave to all of us learned and unlearned, the rich and the poor. This is Islam.”

(Imam W. Deen Mohammed in Hinesville, Ga., on Feb. 10, 2002, on the topic: “The Qur’an, The Final Frontier.”)

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I'm a Army veteran with over 30 year of study in Nutrition and fitness. I'm a Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Fitness Trainer.

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