RAMADAN: “The Fire of Allah”

by W. D. Muhammad (W. Deen Mohammed) Bilalian News (Muslim Journal), September 3, 1976 ______________________________________________________________________ 185. Ramadhan is the (month)In which was sent downThe Quran, as a guideTo mankind, also clear (Signs)For guidance and judgment(Between right and wrong).So every one of youWho is present (at his home)During that monthShould spend it in fasting,But if anyContinue reading “RAMADAN: “The Fire of Allah””


“This month is the month of self-restraint.  A month wherein we restrain our normal appetites for the things of life fur Allah’s sake alone.  In Quran Allah, the Most High says “that fasting is for Me”.  So we have to restrain our appetites.  Even those appetites that are lawful.  We have to restrain them forContinue reading “FASTING IN RAMADAN”