RAMADAN: “The Fire of Allah”

by W. D. Muhammad (W. Deen Mohammed) Bilalian News (Muslim Journal), September 3, 1976 ______________________________________________________________________ 185. Ramadhan is the (month)In which was sent downThe Quran, as a guideTo mankind, also clear (Signs)For guidance and judgment(Between right and wrong).So every one of youWho is present (at his home)During that monthShould spend it in fasting,But if anyContinue reading “RAMADAN: “The Fire of Allah””

The Islamic Golden Age

The Islamic Golden Age is traditionally dated from the mid-8th century to the mid-13th century A.D. (sack of Baghdad by Hulagu, the grand-son of Genghis-Khan).[1][2] During this period, artists, engineers, scholars, poets, philosophers, geographers and traders in the Islamic world contributed to agriculture, the arts, economics, industry, law, literature, navigation, philosophy, sciences, sociology, and technology,Continue reading “The Islamic Golden Age”

Imam W. Deen Mohammed speaks on Developing Community!

“We are Muslims after our father Abraham, upon him be peace. Our hope is the hope of Abraham, the upright in nature. We are the community of Muhammed the Prophet (SAW). G-d says that He made us a community. He made Adam a man; He made a community. Also, we know that G-d made ProphetContinue reading “Imam W. Deen Mohammed speaks on Developing Community!”

Imam W. Deen Muhammed Speaks on Community Development!

“We are a community whose essential life is what? Faith! Faith in God, one God and faith in all that is established by his word. That includes Muhammad the Prophet, who lived out the message as God revealed it to him. But, as regards to our activities, we are to live the life of aContinue reading “Imam W. Deen Muhammed Speaks on Community Development!”

Imam Warithuddin (W. Deen) Mohammed speaks on Community Development!

Imaam Warithuddin (W. Deen) Mohammed in his keynote address at the 2001 annual Mosque Cares labor day weekend convention reiterated his vision of New Africa/New Jerusalem: “We want to see New Africa, we want to see New Africa Islamic theaters, we want to see syscrapers go up and we build them, we want to seeContinue reading “Imam Warithuddin (W. Deen) Mohammed speaks on Community Development!”

The Teachings of W. D. Mohammed

“We are here to make the world new and to build it all over again. We are here to make you eternally youthful. When the Bible talks about youth and production, it is talking about industrial youth and production. This world has come out of early development and has grown from agricultural life to theContinue reading “The Teachings of W. D. Mohammed”

Imam W. Deen Mohammed on the building of (Mosques) Masaajid!

“We want mosques or Masaajid to get permission from the neighborhoods first and then go down to city hall or wherever you must go and ask permission to have the Adhan, the Call to Prayer, sounded in the immediate area. It. should be heard one, two or three blocks. Let it go over the loudspeakerContinue reading “Imam W. Deen Mohammed on the building of (Mosques) Masaajid!”

Imam W. D. Muhammad Speaks on “THE TOWER OF BABEL”

“In the Bible story of “The Tower of Babel,” we are given the cause of the fall, the ruin, and the trouble that came -upon the society (nation). That cause was the confusion that came into human life because of the accumulation and the massive increase of knowledge that was other than revealed knowledge. TheContinue reading “Imam W. D. Muhammad Speaks on “THE TOWER OF BABEL””

Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks on Cain and Abel!

Adam, if you look in the Bible in Genesis and start with Adam’s existence -that is the beginning of Genesis, of human life. Look at Adam’s generations. They are called Adam, too. “He named them Adam in the day that He created them.” That is the same Genesis that speaks to one Adam speaks toContinue reading “Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks on Cain and Abel!”